Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Affiliates :)

Oh my goodness!
I have affiliates! I feel so legit right now :)
( Did I just really use the word legit? My Maggie would be horrified! I remember
making fun of my mother when she tried to use my COOL "slang"
words..... I'm sorry mom! I should have explained that the term was "butt ugly"
and not "buck ugly" BEFORE I laughed at you. )
If you're into vynil lettering, please check out

The have patterned vinyl! I about passed out...lol
I'm gonna get me some of that!

If you're into fashion, check out
Shabby Apple
The have womens, girls and baby clothing that is
to DIE for! I'm on my way to shop! Back to school goodies,
here I come!
The links are in my sidebar :)

1 comment :

agravette said...

congrats! and too funny about the "buck ugly" comment!